Home "Tour" and Decor 

Here are snaps from around my house in various rooms. I would describe my home style as a mixture of rustic and eclectic. It is far from my prefered style, but my preferred style just doesn't fit the house that we live in. I prefer an industrial home with hints of rustic and modern. Is that not confusing? For now, I am making do. I do love our house though. It feels so homey,and I am always happy to walk through the door even when it is messy. I just want to state up-front that I won't post the entire layout of my house online. I don't really feel comfortable doing that at the moment. I don't mind sharing certain areas though.  I love home decor and I am constantly changing and rearranging and updating. Nothing ever stays the same around here for very long. And, if you come in my house this week and then again next week, I bet you will find something changed. I hope you enjoy. 

My Bedroom

FullSizeRender (8).jpg

     Our bedroom is of course one of my favorite places, Duh. It is where we get our beauty rest. I love mixing in prints and patterns and different throw pillows. I am constantly changing those too. Even as we speak, I have different pillows on my bed, and different throws. I made our headboard from an old window that has a very thick frame. When we moved, I put it there until we could a headboard, but I liked it so much that we never got one. If you will notice my nightstand, yes, it is an old tree stump. I love using natural wooden texture throughout my home. 

     I find alot of my pillow cases thrifting, but I like to add in fun prints to balance the old feel,, like the gold polka dots, and the dalmatian print. I hand painted that pillow by the way. It was super easy. I got a several small white pillow and used fabric paint. It was so simple but it makes a big statement. I hand painted the scripture above the bed several years in our first apartment and it has stuck with us since we have been together. I would like to address my choice of adding pops of light blue. That normally wouldn't be my first choice, however, Jereme has a "blanket" that he just will not part with. I say blanket, but lets just be honest the poor thing is not much of anything anymore. It is so raggedy and falling apart that everytime I wash it, more pieces fall off it. So I have been forced to use it, so I made the most. I added the blue in pops around the room in this little bird painting and candles and a throw pillow. 

     Jereme is from Florida and he misses it so much, so I try to keep our bedroom in a little bit of the coastal vibe going. My hopes are that he wakes up a little happier because it feels "beachy". I painted this boardwalk for that very reason. Every time we (or his parents) go to the beach, we gather shells and we now have quite the collection. 


My Bathroom 

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