Hello, Loves! I am Sarah Kate Hood. I have a passion for ccurvy fashion, giving glory to God, and just about anything artistic. I like to call myself an artistic chameleon. I am an artist by day and blogger by night. I guess you could say that I like to keep busy.

     I started this blog as a way to harness all of my creative passions into one place and to share it with you. I wanted a place to be able to do whatever I want! Whether it be about my faith, art, home decor, fashion, hair, makeup, jewelry, a craft, literally anything that I want to talk about. Here I have no limits. 

     I married my best friend, Jereme, on June 27, 2014. I am so thankful that God sent this Florida boy my way. I would be so lost without him. We met in my junior year of college and had an interesting start- which you can read all about HERE. You can also read my proposal story HERE. We live in Little Rock, AR and have two gorgeous kitties named Todd and Rose that I am sure you will see here from time to time. 

     I graduated high school from Des Arc High School in 2010. I earned an associates degree from Arkansas State University.  In my SENIOR YEAR of college at UALR (call me crazy, I know) I decided that I just could not do it any more. I was one semester away from completing my bachelor's degree in Art. I may finish that last semester someday, I just do not foresee it anytime soon. I literally got burnt out and that is another story for another time. I have been following my passions ever since. 

    I chose the name of my blog,  Sarah-ndipity as a play on the word serendipity, which means a pleasant surprise. I hope you will find that theme throughout the blog. Whether it be in an oddly paired outfit or a story that I have. All in all, I hope you enjoy. 

Here is a link to my Etsy store: ArtbySarahHood.

Have faith in your dreams and someday your rainbow will come smiling through. No matter how your heart is grieving, If you keep on believing, The dream that you wish will come true.
— Cinderella


I hope to inspire others to pursue any and all passions they have. I hope to show others that past negativity does not define their present and future. I pray that I can be a light of happiness to you. I also aim to be an undercover worker of God, lacing his love in each of my posts.